MAGNICRETE - MAGNIPLAST is high quality cement based water resistant ready to use plaster. This plaster is ideal for interior and exterior walls and can be rendered on any brick walls, block walls, stonewalls and concrete surfaces.

MAGNIPLAST is designed with unique reactive best in class polymers and graded sand for new work, patch works and repairs. MAGNIPLAST is optimized for mechanized as well as manual application. MAGNIPLAST meets the requirements of ASTM 926, EN 998-1, GP-CS IV, BS 8481 (2006) and IS 1661 (1972)

MAGNIPLAST is hassle free convenient product which replaces conventional plastering system and provides higher required strength, better appearance, better compaction and adhesion to substrates. MAGNIPLAST is a unique formulation with special additives and polymers that makes the plaster water resistant, Shrinkage Free, which enhances durability and increased workability. Magniplast requires only one third of the water curing as compared to cement sand mortar mixed at site.

Stringent quality tests ensure that the right raw materials are mixed in the right proportion for optimum results reducing chances of manual errors at site. MAGNIPLAST is easy to apply (and helps in eliminating the much unwanted mess at the worksite)

Areas of Application:

  • • Concrete Walls
  • • Slabs & Ceilings,
  • • Clay brick masonry,
  • • Concrete Block Masonry,
  • • Aerated Autoclaved Concrete Block masonry

Features and Benefits:

  • • Smooth Plaster Surface, results in higher coverage of Putty
  • • Lesser Curing Frequency
  • • Lesser wastage and time saving
  • • Consistency in quality of Product
  • • Normally the sand is contaminated with silt causing efflorescence and thus affecting the quality of the plaster. In Magniplast the sand is silt free, finely graded and hence the general sand related problems are eliminated.

MAGNICRETE (a brand of Somani Ecobuild Products LLP)