MAGNICRETE - MAGNIGROUT is General Purpose High Strength Cement based grouting material designed to transfer load effectively, ensuring grouting precision and durability of structure. MAGNIGROUT inhibits corrosion of embedded steel and imparts high initial and ultimate flexural and compressive strength.

MAGNIGROUT has been carefully developed to optimum performance, even in the toughest applications along with unparalleled ease of application. It provides long life expectancy and maintains the rigid equipment to foundation connections which is necessary to meet demanding installation requirements.

MAGNIGROUT complies and exceeds the guidelines provided in ASTM C 1107/ C1107M and EN 1504-3 Class R4.

Areas of Application:

  • • All kinds of Grouting work
  • • Setting Stanchion /turbine base plates
  • • Grouting of precision machinery
  • • Setting high strength anchor bolts
  • • Grouting of precast elements
  • • Steel column pads
  • • Filling of voids and jacketing applications
  • • Plugging of holes in concrete, etc.

Features and Benefits:

  • • Very high compressive and flexural strength at very short time.
  • • Longer pot life ensuring negligible wastage.
  • • Non-shrink grout with controlled positive expansion ensures proper load transfer and durability of structure.
  • • High fluid consistency and bleed resistance.
  • • Quickly and easily placed by pouring or pumping.
  • • Resists chemical attack, oils, petroleum products, solvents, and mild caustic alkalis.
  • • No added chloride or gypsum.
  • • No bleeding and segregation at high fluid consistency.
  • • Excellent for dynamic and static loading conditions.
  • • Free of chlorides and additives, that may lead to corrosion.
  • • High drill resistance property.
  • • Self-compacting.
  • • Product variants available in both Flow-able and Normal Trowel-able consistency.

MAGNICRETE (a brand of Somani Ecobuild Products LLP)